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iPod freezes when shutting HDD down

iPod freezes when shutting HDD down

So here is another problem (along with this problem: What should a nonbroken HDD sound like/ HDD broken or battery? ) I have with my iPod:



the iPod uses both, its internal ram on the logic board and the hard drive to play songs. To make the hard drive last longer, the iPod reads data from the hard drive into its internal ram and spins down the hard drive. When the hard drive spins down it is more shock protected. When the data in the ram has been read out, the drive spins up and fills the ram with new data and spins down again and so on. The internal ram is AFAIK 8MB, that's enough for two ""normal"" songs encoded in MP3.

Now back to your problem, if the iPod freezes somewhere out of the blue,try to make the same steps again, if it freezes exactly at the same spot/song, i would say its a defective file or the hard drive is damaged. If the iPod freezes every time the drive spins down no matter what song you play, i would think that the ram could not be read/is defective, so the logic board should be changed."

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