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Is it possible to upgrade Bluetooth to 4.0 in Mid 2010 Pro?

Is it possible to upgrade Bluetooth to 4.0 in Mid 2010 Pro?


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mcgyver89 [Entry]

At this time point the answer is No. Apple has linked Yosemite directly to the system ID string so these features are limited to certain models not the given Bluetooth hardware it could have been upgraded or added (this could change). Review the following Bluetooth LE Adapters Don't Enable OS X Yosemite's 'Handoff' on Older Macs.
mcgyver89 [Entry]


it's possible and it's not difficult

read here

mcgyver89 [Entry]

"Hey guys,

I'm not sure this solves your issues. I found this on github a few weeks ago and it worked great.

If you happen to be on the beta release program for Yosemite, you'll have to re-run the install script every time you upgraded. I haven't seen a performance decrease nor a battery life drop. Problem is that it requires an extra bluetooth dongle, certainly precious resource on these laptops.

PM me if you have questions."
mcgyver89 [Entry]

"I am researching the same thing. I was thinking of purchasing this and using the continuity tool to enable the feature.

My question is slightly different however, I want to enable airdrop between my phone and my laptop. Will this work for this type of solution?"