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It won't fill or pump out water

It won't fill or pump out water

started filling and has now stopped and won't spin or pump out water. I have check water filters and water input. What could be the problem


Is the AC power on? That is, is there any indication (power light, etc) that the power is on? If not, and assuming the house circuit breaker didn't pop, you may have a blown fuse or thermal cutout. These are usually located on the control board, behind the control panel.

"Had a similar problem with my mothers washing machine. These machines have a control board in them that has a microprocessor which checks external devices (eg magnetic switch , multiphase drive motor etc) at all times. Fischer and Paykel would not supply schematic here in Australia (they use ""health and safety"" issues to justify the reason). In my mothers situation the problem was the pump motor. . It had a few shorted turns and that was enough for the control board stop the pump motor to pump in or pump out. The thing is the problem can be intermittent.

In the USA you may even have the fault codes in the LED, here in Australia we dont have them. This is a nanny country."

I would suggest faulty RPS - soap powder ruins them ( liquid less so )

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