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Washer won't power up or fill or do anything at all

Washer won't power up or fill or do anything at all

Screwy one here - I’ve got a kenmore series 80 washer that won’t power up at all, just wouldn’t turn on one day after a normal cycle. It won’t fill, won’t spin, won’t make noise of any kind. It’s getting power, my power dectector lights on the main harness, and when it’s turned on the other harnesses light up the detector as well. When it is set to fill the fill valve power lines light up, but don’t open. I’ve replaced the timer (no effect), bypassed the both the fill sensor and lid switch, no effect. Next I’m replacing the fill valves - but even if that was the problem, it should still spin and drain when the dial is set to do that, right? It won’t do ANYTHING.



You may have to check that the power cord to the washing machine is OK assuming that the wall outlet that the cord is plugged into is OK.

There is an Active, a Neutral and an Earth coming from the wall outlet. (if you have a 3 pin power connection that is If it is only a 2 pin plug then it is Active and Neutral or L1 and L2)

If you have an Ohmmeter, unplug the power cord from the outlet and then test each wire in the power cord for continuity between the plug and where the wire terminates on the washing machine.

A single probe detector will detect the presence of Voltage but not an Earth or Neutral.

Having voltage at the washer is OK but nothing will work if there is no return path for the current, either via the Neutral wire or an earth if they are one in the same."

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