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Kenmore 70 series electric dryer only runs for 10 minutes

Kenmore 70 series electric dryer only runs for 10 minutes

Hello there I honestly have no idea if anyone else has had this problem but I am sure someone has. I have a Kenmore 70 series electric dryer that on a good day will only run for 10 minutes then shut down. During those minutes the dryer does heat. It also does not matter what type of cycle I run it on I cannot get it to run for more than 10 minutes. After sitting for various amounts of time it will restart but only for another 10 minutes. I have only done thisa few times for troubleshooting because I haves feeling I am just causing more damage to the unit. On a bad day my dryer will not run at all. Also after the dryer rests I always have to hold the power button for several seconds longer than I ever used to. Unfortunately I cannot see the specific model number without completely rearranging my laundry room (but I will get it if completely necessary). Hopefully I've covered everything you need to know to get me some answers. Thanks for your help---Brandon


Brandon, it he dryer motor shuts off during the cycle, it could be the timer and/or the motor. The timer supplies 120 V to the motor and internal on the motor is an overload that could be opening up and shutting off the motor. When the motor shuts off but you can not restart it right away I would check the motor. Also check the faulty door switch or the door may not be latching correctly. You also want to check the vent and make sure there is no obstruction. The only other thing I would recommend to check are the high limit thermostat and the cycling thermostat. Either one may shut your dryer down as the temperature gets over its set point.

Let the dryer cool down and start in “Air Dry” mode (no heat), if it keeps running normally, it means the problem comes from either the heating element or the thermostat.

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