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Dryer runs for 2 minutes, then shuts off breaker

Dryer runs for 2 minutes, then shuts off breaker

The dryer was not running due to a bad breaker. Electrician replaced the breaker. Now runs for 2 minutes, then shuts off breaker, reset breaker, same result every time


"@r_stoller , Roger, Did the dryer work OK before or is this a new location were 30 amp breaker installed. If dryer still kicking out breaker in the homes circuit panel, there must be a short or some thing overdrawing power in machine, a ampmeter can be clamped on to see if dryer is overdrawing. Make sure that the dryers venting system is clean of lint/debri and not causing overheat. Try a cycle on the dryer(Fluff) that does not use the heat element to come on, if the dryer runs fault is probably a short in the heat element. With breaker off and machine unplugged, you could also check all wired connections for loose,dirty/corrosion/burnt/damage in dryer including dryers terminal block and the supply box/receptacle that dryer plugs into. If not comfortable working with wiring as it can be dangerous have a good repair technician have a look diagnose and estimate repair. Find below trouble shooting forum and technical pdf for diagnostics/trouble shooting.

Good luck.

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"Just wanted to point out that for a 240 volt dryer circuit there are actually two breakers in the panel, one for each 120 volt side of the AC line. Sometimes each one of the two breakers can be removed and replaced separately, sometimes not. I've seen cases where just one would go bad leaving you with some pretty confusing symptoms. It works like this. It requires both sides of the power circuit (using two breakers) to supply power to the heater. But it takes only one side of the line (one of the two fuses) to run the motor etc.. Therefore, if the side which breaks the the motor circuit fails, the heater will quit as well because it needs both sides. But if the other breaker fails, only the heater will fail because only it needs both breakers working while the motor will run just fine on the other one, whatever fuse that is.

The important point here is, that if you have breaker problems, both of them should be replaced even if one still works. This will avoid future symptoms as described above. Roger did not indicate whether both of the breakers were replaced or not. If the dryer was running, then stopped. I assume the motor side breaker failed and along with it, the heater. Had it been the other way around, just the heater would have quit working, and with the motor running, one could easily look for a non-existing heater problem thinking the power circuit was fine.

In older homes, I found that it is sometimes easy to replace just one breaker (the one that failed of course)."

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