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Gas Dryer heats and runs for 5 min and shuts off

Gas Dryer heats and runs for 5 min and shuts off

Kenmore model 110.73942101 the dryer will heat up and run for about 5-10 min and then shut off. It will do this three times and then run great it will do it on every load. I have do all the test and every item checks out fine timer,thermister, heat relay and high limit switch I have also checked the resistance on the thermistor at the specified temps the gas valve coil test all meet resistance guidelines. I replaced the control board and it still does the same thing While doing all this I have noticed it starts to run and call for heat the igniter will have 1 volt at the plug but it will take about 1-2 seconds before it will start to glow and thats win it will shut off the dryer. What would cause this


"If your model has the flat glow bar ignitor, the only way to accurately test it is with an amp probe, not voltage. With the amp probe hooked around either wire from the ignitor, it should pull about 3.2 amps before the gas valve opens to let the gas in. It has to maintain the amperage the entire time the valve is open. The thermostat will open when the temperature is reached and will close when more heat is needed.

If your not getting 3. amps at the ignitor, the ignitor will continue to glow but the gas valve won’t open. The ignitor has faile to pull the amperage needed to open the valve . Replace the ignitor

If you have 3.2 amps constantly and no gas, then you have failing coils on the gas valve. Usually you can hear the coils click when trying to open. If you hear the click but no gas, then the coils aren’t holding open.

If you have no amps at the ignitor, check the wiring to ignitor. Then check the disc thermostates in the back of dryer. Unplug the dryer and check the resistance/ohms. You should get 0.0 ohms- 2.0ohms. If you don’t then that is the failed component.

The timer on a gas dryer sends voltage to the thermostats for the cycle selected. The thermostats do most of the work cycling on and off when tempature is reached."

Dryers have several thermal switches for overheat protections. . Locate them, test with ohm meter right after it shuts down. Its a long shot but thats where i would look first. Gas…There may be an intermediate air flow restriction , gas regulator resetting.. careful evaluation.

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