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Kenmore dryer HE3 code E1

Kenmore dryer HE3 code E1

Dryer will only run for 2-3 mins on any cycle before shutting down. It throws a code E1. Any ideas?


frank, E1 is a Thermistor error. First of course disconnect the power. Then remove the lint filter screen. Remove the two screws from the bottom flange of the toe kick panel. Pull the toe kick panel out at the bottom, pull down, and remove the panel. Remove the screw from the lint duct bracket and remove the bracket. Remove the two screws from the lint duct and remove the duct. You'll find the white thermal fuse on your blower wheel housing, right beside it is the thermistor. Replacing it should eliminate E1. The Whirlpool part number is 8577274 and in the attached image the part is located at position 42



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"E1 can mean thermistor, but can also mean you didn't reconnect the 8-pin plastic connector/wire harness (not the ribbon cables) to the control panel that runs from front (where ribbon cables connect to it) to back (where power supply comes in) along the left side of the machine. Between the power supply cables, the ribbon cables, and the front panel and back cover, there's a lot of tension on the metal cover for this electronic panel. When removing it, the electronic connections can disconnect before you get a chance to do it, and you might not notice the wire harness w/8-pin connector coming up from the front left of the unit. Fail to reconnect it and you'll still get an E1 error, but the thermistor (especially if you've already replaced it) isn't likely the problem.

BTW, you can replace the thermistor without removing anything more than the lower front cover. It's fairly accessible right behind the lint trap to blower cover. Please, please, please turn off circuit breaker and unplug the unit first."

I replaced the rollers on my HE4. Not a difficult repair at all but it did require a bit of teardown of the machine. I buttoned everything up i it was as smooth as the day we bought it. I started a load in the dryer and went to get a beer to congratulate myself. Not two mins into the cycle....E1 error code. I remember changing the coil and thermistor last year. I was !#^&@@. Fearing that I was going to have to tear this thing down again AND break out the multimeter, i decided to look it up here. Five screws later and there was the 8 pin connector...hanging loose. Buttoned her back up and it's running like a charm.

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