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Leak At Kenmore 110 Series Intake Valves Even After Replacing Them

Leak At Kenmore 110 Series Intake Valves Even After Replacing Them

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"Hi @furryorca

What happens when you try the cold only, is it the same i.e. is the bottom of the lid as wet or not?

If the water entry to the tub is the problem perhaps that's where the ""leak"" is as it may be flowing back off the lid through openings in the body etc and the inlet valves may be just a place where it settles and is noticeable etc

The water level in the machine is sensed by the water level rising in the water level pressure hose shown as part #20 - basket and tub parts diagram I can’t find it in the parts but on other machines the water level hose connects to a pressure switch. When the level rises to the selected amount set by the user the switch operates and this turns off the inlet valves via the control board. Check that the hose hasn’t come adrift or is loose from the switch

According to the same parts website linked in this comment the Technical sheet part #1C in the Top and cabinet parts diagram is part #W10240504

Searching online using the part number only got the tech sheet as it had been previously uploaded here on ifixit believe it or not.

If you haven’t got it already, (sometimes they’re found inside the body of the machine in a plastic sleeve) then perhaps this may help as well as it has the diagnostics for the machine allowing you to test individual functions etc."

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