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Left speaker is much quieter than Right

Left speaker is much quieter than Right

My SoundSticks II have been giving great sound since 2005, but I recently noticed that the left speaker is much quieter than the right. The sound is not distorted, but it less than half as loud, giving a useless stereo image. When listening to each of the four drivers, it seems as though they are all working equally.


@gallina - You can often see swelling at the top of bad caps - see for example http://www.robotroom.com/Faulty-Capacito... .

Hey there - had the exact same issue (In my case one of the caps was actually leaking). Huge thanks for the tip - I also noticed that the glue which holds the permanent magnets in the drivers, brittles over time making your speakers sound “metallic“ and a bit quieter as the magnets dislodge - mine came out when I was moving. Easy fix is to press them back in and re-apply some glue to hold them together for another few years .. (do take care to match them to the right drivers they came out of or they will sound weird).

Hi, OP.

My left speaker instead, just stop working; I wonder if it will be useful this same fix.

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