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LG 49UJ6300 - Screen flickering issue

LG 49UJ6300 - Screen flickering issue

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"@yardie102 … this is a panel fault. this is going to be most likely a source tab driver chip. It may be possibly on the displays buffer boards themselves, but not likely.

youll want to check the capacitors on the buffer boards for any shorts to ground, or low esr readings. then i would check the tabs visually by removing the bezel and what ever else to get the tabs exposed. look for any darkening or burning around the chips.

this can be repaired if its on the buffer boards, and could possibly be repaired if its one of the side tabs of the display. typical handymen and consumers will not be able to fix and are looking at a replacement screen or a new tv depending on how old the set is vs finding parts vs money wanting to be spent."

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