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Lights flicker when in the wash cycle

Lights flicker when in the wash cycle

When the washing machine starts in the wash cycle all of the overhead lights in the house flicker. The timing of the flicker is consistent with the rhythm of the machine. The washing is plugged into a 20 amp dedicated circuit and the wiring connections are correct and tight. Amperage on the motor fluctuates between less than 1 amp to as high as 7.4 amps during the wash cycle.


"Difficult issue. Here is an extended discussion of possible causes and remedies:


Apparently this is how new washers work. Our previous washer (had for over 20 years) never caused the light to flicker on the same circuit. When this happened with the new washer, I checked our house lines and even tried to plug the washer into a different breaker line and the light on that circuit also flickered. I even tried a new breaker. I called in a Maytag repair service. Everything apparently is OK with the washer. As per the service repairman, the government regulations have caused this issue. Safety regulations, reduced water usage regulations, and reduced electrical usage regulations are the cause. Washer machines now need to be on a dedicated circuit. Lights will flicker if they are on the same circuit as the washer.

try plugging washer into a different outlet and if problem goes away fix the washer circuit. this is not normal behavior and does indicate a problem.

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