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Lost remote, New WiFi I can’t connect without the remote.

Lost remote, New WiFi I can’t connect without the remote.

I have a new WiFi. My Amazon Fire TV is stuck on my network settings screen. I lost the remote, and now cannot pair my device with my FireTv app on my phone. What do I do? Switched TVs, didn’t work. Unplugged it a million times. Is there no way to do a factory reset without having access to some kind of remote???


"you must either A. purchase or borrow a new firestick remote and pair it to your firestick using home button.

B. Connect 1 smart phone to old ip addresses network as hotspot and use a 2nd smartphone to connect to your current ip address where ur internet resides and properly is confiugured, you then must download an app known as the fire stick tv remote emulator once doing this ur firestick should be operable from the hotspot using old ip reset the network through the firestick and forget the previous configured Ip address on ur firestick then reboot the firestick and re connect it using the emulator controller on smartphone that has working wifi. problem should be solved, i however have not tryed or attempted this nor do i properly know that i explained it 100% accurately but its tedious so involves some reserch but iv seen positive responses.

or C. connect to your computer the firestick via usb ( your firestick must previously already have usb and adb debug mode enabled in order for this to work )

1st step is to download adb for windows.

connect firestick to your computer via usb

once adb opens youll see a selection of options click new and add your firestick to it it should automatically find it.

click edit to add it manually,

then once its connected you should be able to connect it to your router and local internet using adb command prompt command lines, very easy to find on google the guide and commands. you can reconfigure the ip address for the firestick to connect it to a internet.

once all of this is complete plug the hdmi of ur firestick to your tv and use the keypad on ur adb to navigate through the firestick home interface to ur network to manually manage the internet connection without having to have a firestick amazon remote or application that wont work anyway unless its connected to a wifi connection in the first place. reboot firestick and enjoy ur repaired connection to your streaming device that is terribly designed for user friendly purposes.

or of course the last option if you have an ethernet adapter u can use it to connect ur firestick to a local network. I apologize for any false information i provided to the best of my knowledge I hope like heaven you get help from my info. if you could plese respond and leave feedback on a solution that worked for you involving *not having a firestick remote or anyway to connect it to an internet connection to navigate to change the old IP network* regards,

troubled tech dabbler"

i write a hole article about this problems, if you want to know just click here '''How to Connect Firestick to Wifi Without Remote'''

r FireStick tv Houses the Majority and Your Preferred Substance and Is Effectively Transportable. So You Can Take Your Media Anyplace or Anywhere. Divided three different ways or strategies to do, how to connect firestick to wifi without remote easily. Try these three methods one by one.

Of course! TV nowt to do with it, uninstall fire tv on phone and reinstall, also on your network settings on tv check wifi details are same as you modem and fire tv remote on your mobile

How do I connect my phone too the firer stick

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