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Loud banging during spin/out of balance

Loud banging during spin/out of balance

A spring fell out from under my Kenmore washer. It is out of balance when draining/spinning even when there is only just water, no clothes. Is this spring part of the problem?


"Tom: I had this problem, too. The spring you found is probably one of three springs that help balance the basket while the machine is in spin mode. I don't know how old your machine is or what model it is, but mine is an older model Kenmore Heavy-Duty 60 Series. If your machine is like mine, the spring is probably not broken. If it is not, another small part fits onto one of the ears of the spring and actually connects it to the frame of the machine. That is the part that was broken on my machine. Inspect the spring you found. It should have two ears on it--one at one end and one on the other. If both ears are intact, take a close look and you will probably see where one or both of the ears are almost worn through. This is where the small connecter piece goes, and it is the side of the spring that goes toward the frame of the machine. If you tilt your machine back and look under it or in the track that sits on the floor, you will probably find an odd piece of metal that is about the same diameter as the spring metal. This is the broken connector. To get your machine to work correctly again, you will have to take the the cover off the washer, but that is easy to do with the Kenmore. The whole repair is actually very easy and you should replace all of the springs while you are at it. Here is a link to a series of excellent videos by British James:


Among other things, he shows you how to disassemble the cover, which is all you will need to disassemble. I did not find the video that shows how to fix your particular problem, but you can see where and how the other springs are attached, and you will know what to do. As a short-term fix, if the spring is not yet broken, you can re-use it and use a wire coat hanger to connect the spring to the machine. That's what I did until the parts came in, and it worked just fine. Good luck."

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Yes .if there is a spring that fell out of the washer,then most likely it is the cause of your problem.look for a printout of your washer parts breakdown and match up the spring to where it may go.then replace if spring is not broken.hope this helps..

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