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Microwave buzzes if door is closed. Door open, no buzz.

Microwave buzzes if door is closed. Door open, no buzz.

GE Model JEM31SF01 appears to be running when door is closed, whether I'm using it or not. It buzzes but I don't think the turntable is moving. I have to leave the door open to keep it from running. Any ideas?


"I had similar problem, a few times now. IMPORTANT NOTE: Every time I did any of these fixes, I unplugged the microwave, even shut off fusebox a few times (both cut off electricity to unit). Note there is a capacitor in there that holds a (BIG) charge so if you’re in the innards, learn about discharging that safely. Other than the one big repair (read on), I didn’t get anywhere near that capacitor.

OK, back to the story: The first time, I followed a repair thread (not here) and ended up taking microwave down and apart and replaced the magnetron, about $100. While I was in there, I replaced ceramic fuse too (got two-pack at Ace Hardware). Put it all together and back above stove (much cleaner too!) and it worked…for awhile. Had same problem. Another thread suggested it was the door latches so I took apart front portion to get to latches and “worked them” with a chopstick and shot them with a spray of contact cleaner. It worked…for awhile. Next time it happened, I worked the switches by opening and closing the door about 40 times. It worked…etc. Note these fixes might last a month or two or a few days). Next time, I just slammed the door really hard (do that at your own risk!) and a few slams and it worked. (You know the next words!) For awhile. Happened a few days ago and I stuck a really stiff wire into latch and display went blank because I blew the internal, ceramic fuse (?!). Easy fix as I had an extra. Worked. 2 days. Unplugged and meant to do SOMETHING. Didn’t. Plugged it back in and it worked fine and has now for a week or so. I think (memory doesn’t serve when you’ve tried so many times) I also had gone into “set up menu” once and just then cancelled back out, or tried resetting the clock… and it worked. Perhaps (this is not scientific) it has something to do with powering down (unplugging) for a while. I’m OK doing that every few weeks or months if I can put off buying a new one for another year. Hope some of you stave off a purchase until it’s the last resort."

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