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Microwave will not stop beeping

Microwave will not stop beeping

My GE microwave will not stop beeping. It beeps every 60 sec. as if it were through heating. How do I stop this?


"Unplug unit from the outlet for at least 1 minute then plug it back in. This should reset the microwave and the time will need reset afterwards.

If that doesn't work do a search on how to reset your model of microwave."

I had that problem and it solved itself very easily. I unplugged the microwave and left it unplugged until it stopped beeping and all the residual power had been used up. I then replugged it in and no beeping! It has not beeped except when it should for almost a week. Apparently this resets the affected board, like rebooting your computer. Few people know about this. My repairman was astonished. It had never occurred to him to try that method.

"We unplugged the GE microwave and it continued beeping for 24 hrs every minute. Drove us crazy as we can not understand why it beeps so long when power off. (No, no other devise is the beeper culpert).

We gave up and plugged it back in and tried pushing the clear button for several seconds. Beeping continued every minute. Unplugged it again for 1/2 hour and still beeping. Unplugged again and will leave it 24hrs again and if still beeping will tear off wall and install a new microwave, but it will not be a GE.

Anybody figure out how to stop this beeping other than removing the beeper part from the microwave??

JMc from Green Bay, AZ"

Unplugged for 48 hours. Stopped beeping finally. Plugged back in. No beeping - for about 9 hours, then beeping began again. Unplugged now for about 36 hours. Still beeping. Will wait another 36???

I am on day 2-1/2 and it’s still beeping… I might have to remove the beeping device. At least I haven’t moved in yet.

have a panasonic genius presently doing this when it is unplugged.beeps once per second for 20 seconds,stops than starts over.will leave unplugged for now,planb is a sledgehammer.

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