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Multimeter hang chung 3030s

Multimeter hang chung 3030s
My multimeter hang chung 3030s is defective ONLY on the 1kohm range. Can someone help me to identify fault?



Here’s an image from the service manual for a HC-3030 S analogue multimeter. (is this the one you mean?)

As you didn’t specify what defective means i.e. not working at all or giving incorrect measurement values check that the R7 resistor is connected properly when the test range dial is in the x1K Ohm position and if so that it still has the correct resistance value.

I think that it shows that it is 24.9K Ohms and not 249K Ohms but you may need to verify this as it is hard to make out on the drawing.

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)"

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