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My microwave just stopped. The outlet is getting power. No light?

My microwave just stopped. The outlet is getting power. No light?

It is a Kenmore model 721.89941490. Above range style. I am wondering if it can be a fuse. We have had no problems until now.



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"It is difficult to give an exact answer from your question since more information is needed. To narrow the fault down a technician will make a number of observations and tests. You have made a start but here are a few more:

Is the display indicating anything? Since you outlet is working it is therefore a fault in the microwave.Unplug the microwave and remove the covers. There is usually no safely issues in working on an unplugged microwave except that on very rare occasions the high voltage capacitor may remain charged. Shorting it is a quick indication whether is charged and will also make it safe.Check the main fuse (usually located on a circuit board where the power cable terminates.If it is blown there would be any number of causes including a power surge, faulty door switches, etc. A technician will be able to determine the cause."

"Have this unit and has been a good unit till last night. I can turn the unit on, all lights work, fan seems to be working, but it is sounding very strange. Last night sparks started flying out of the side vents. Upon opening the unit, you could smell something was burning. Obvously it is not working. I assume it is either the magnitron or the transformer. Is there any way to tell? It looks like I can replace both parts for about $120 or I can purchase a similar unit for $350. The problem is the new units are larger and will require some modification of the space in the kitchen. Should I:

A). Take it to a service repari shop and see what they would charge to fix it?

B). Order the parts and replace them myself, but from reading above that looks dangerous

C). Throw the damed thing away and cut my losses?"

"I would bet the number of non-qualified people that have repaired or attempted to repair their microwave is easily in the tens if thousands. Yet I have never heard of a single death. Relax people.

Microwave working but not heating: Most likely the magnetron is bad. I wouldn't recommend replacing this part unless you actually know what a capacitor is and how to discharge one.

No power at all: Most likely the internal fuse. As previously mentioned above, follow the power cord into circuit board. Check ceramic fuse with an ohm meter if possible or just replace it. Replace it with the EXACT SAME fuse that you took out. It is possible that it took a surge and blew. It is perfectly safe to replace.

Internet search for your make and model, there are a lot of parts, schematics and diagrams available. Obviously buy from a reputable retailer.

NEVER EVER run a microwave without all the covers in place. The covers can possibly be shielded and that is what prevents actual microwaves from escaping into you, your family, friends and your pets.

So honestly, if my microwave had a blown fuse and I trashed it for a new one I would feel like I traded in my car because the battery was dead. We all need to minimize our disposable habits. Stay safe and use common sense."


Let me know the outcome please.."

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