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My power bank does not charge my phone?

My power bank does not charge my phone?
I bought this Verbatim 10200mAh Black Power Bank a few months ago. It worked perfectly fine with my iPhone 5S and other android phones as well. Yesterday I lent it to my friend who had a Nokia Windows Phone. It was the first time my power bank charged a WP. Since then, my power bank went into the state where you can turn it on (LED indicator lights up) but it automatically turn itself off in a couple of seconds, regardless of whether my phone is plugged in to the power bank or not. Usually when the phone isn't plugged in, the light would stay on for pretty long but this time it turns itself off after like 2-3 seconds. I tried different phones (other than WP), different cables and tried to switch between the two ports on the power bank as well. Doesn't work. However, I can still charge the power bank by connecting it to a socket/computer. Any ideas? Help would be much appreciated as I don't really want to get a new power bank. Thanks a lot!


Instead of using the cable and attatchments the power bank came with, use your original USB phone charger. I had the same problem but this worked.
I had same problem,
Sometimes it might be the cable's fault. I once had this problem, but when I swapped cables it worked fine.
The only way I can get my iPhone to charge using a power bank and the power bank not switch off is to use my phone whilst it is charging. If the phone is idle and goes into sleep mode that seems to be the problem. Change the settings on your phone so it doesn't go into sleep mode too quickly.
I’m afraid the problem is in the iPhone. I have used the same power bank for years and then it suddenly started disconnecting and reconnecting by itself, alternatively. I thought it was a power bank issue and I bought a new one. Same problem.

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