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My rx/tx light turns red

My rx/tx light turns red
When I key my mic the rx/tx light turns red. When I unkey it turns back green. I also cannot recieve anything coming in nor can I get out. Please let me know what you think


"Your tx/rx light should turn red when you transmit and be green all other times. Your ant light should not light up unless the swr is higher than 3.0; then there is a problem. A common reason for the ant light to light up is that the antenna is not grounded properly.

Check out this page from Firestik for more information on swr and cb's.

If your ant light is on when you transmit, stop using the radio and fix the swr. You will ruin the radio.

Good luck and enjoy your cb radio!"
My RX/TX turns red when I transmit as expected, Have no problem transmitting or receiving, My SWR as Advertised and Antenna light stays off, RX/RT light is green until transmit, Make sure that NB-ANL/ANL OFF
From what I was reading the NB-ANL/ANL help filter out the noise from the ignition system and other working parts of the vehicle that give off background noise. So, why do I turn this off??

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