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New Battery and Hardrive, But iPod Shows No Sign of Power.

New Battery and Hardrive, But iPod Shows No Sign of Power.

My iPod has been out of service since late october'08. at first, the light would flicker on and off of a blank screen, later stating that there was a problem and shut off completley. in the beggining, i thought it was a battery issue,so i replaced it with a new one. the problem still persisted and i was confused as to what was wrong. after playing around with it and plugging it into the computer with no signs of it being connected it soon showed the dreaded sad faced icon. back then, i had no clue what that meant and continued to force it into disk mode.a few weeks later, it shuts off completley and never comes on again. now, during this period of time, i get careless with it and drop it a few times thinking it couldnt make it any worse. after lots of searches on the net, i discover that the problem was with the hardrive. finnally, a year later (December '09) i get a hardrive for it and install it and everything, hoping that it would finnaly work.


It sounds like it is most likely to be the logic board, on the logic board either side of the dock connector there are block shaped transistors(?) when dropped repeatedly sometimes these can break off causing the logic to behave strangely or go completely dead.

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