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New iPod 4G Battery not charging

New iPod 4G Battery not charging
Several months ago, I purchased a new iPod 4G/ Photo replacement battery (Order #791662). I have been unable to charge the battery and am now thinking that the problem wasn't the battery after all. Today, after putting the troubleshooting off for far too long, I plugged the charging cable into my AC outlet and into the IPod and took a voltmeter to the battery plug inside the iPod (3 pronged inside a little white casing). I read less than 1 volt DC. This finding indicates that not enough DC is reaching the new battery to charge it to the specified 3.7V DC. I suspect that between the iPod input jack and the small 3-pronged battery jack is a transformer. As you know, the printed circuitry in an iPod is very tiny, and for someone of my age, even with glasses and a magnifier in broad daylight, locating a transformer on a PCB is next to impossible. I would like some advice on what to do next, because I recently joined a workout club and would really like to listen to some of my 60s, 70s, 80s, and all-time classical tunes as I pedal on the stationary bike and bounce on the Bosu ball. I'd appreciate any help in trying to keep my iPod alive for at least as long as I am.


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