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iPod Video new battery not charging

iPod Video new battery not charging

My battery on iPod Video 30Gb died, so i replaced for a new one. But my iPod wont charge throught the usb 2.0 ports on my Mac, tried the block charger and that doesnt work. I tried another new battery and the same problem. I tired a new cable same results. any ideas?


The logic board which hold the charging unit is what goes bad. I dont know what causes it but i have seen a few cases where the battery just wont charge. its a hit or miss but the logic board would be the first place i would check. in all my cases it was just a matter of replacing the logic unit. BEFORE YOU go and order a part and try to fix it just look inside the charing port of your iPod and make sure there nothing in there.. sometimes its just a piece of lint stuck in there. =)

I have 1) 30GB and 1) 80GB iPod videos. The 30GB got a new battery installed by apple for free after the warranty was up (years ago). It would never charge. Apple told me that the logic board would need to be replaced for $200. I declined seeing how that iPod stayed at work in a dock.

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