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No power ever to my Sony Turntable? Help.

No power ever to my Sony Turntable? Help.

We have a brand new PS-LX300USB but live in Fiji so limited access to warranty and repairers.



As you have already opened the turntable, you’ve probably voided the warranty anyway so use a DMM (digital multimeter) to check if the power is getting through the switch OK and after that through to the turntable motor.

You could use the DMM’s Ohmmeter function to check for continuity of the power, from the cord plug through the switch and on through to the motor. Do this with the power disconnected of course.

I cannot find a schematic diagram of the turntable but working out the circuit path for the power from the power socket to the motor should be reasonably easy.

Here’s a link to the ifixit Sony PS-LX300USB Repair guide, which may be of some help.

The user guide mentions the power requirement for different locations. It doesn’t say whether this is selectable on the turntable or if it is fixed. If it is selectable so that it can operate in different countries which have different power supply voltages there is usually a small switch near the power cable entry into the device that is set to either the one voltage or the other

If it is selectable, check that it is set for 240V AC (Fiji power voltage) or if it is fixed that it states this on the model information label on the turntable.

If it says 120V AC on the label or if it is selectable and is set at 120V AC, you’ve probably damaged it by plugging it into 240V AC. If this is the case look for burnt out components, hopefully perhaps only a blown fuse etc. If you’re unsure if a component has been damaged, take some close up pictures of them and post them back here and hopefully someone will be able to help. here’s how to do this. Adding images to an existing question"

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