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Old 2008 to 2010 Sanyo Tv turns off on it own

Old 2008 to 2010 Sanyo Tv turns off on it own

My tv still works and turns on but every now and then it just turns off all by itself. We turn it back and the screen still works just turns off on its own. It can stay on for long while or for short intervals but the picture has never gone out. I’ve checked the cord in the wall and the connections on the back of the tv everything looks good. I’m not sure what it needs so it doesn’t keep doing that. Any help would be great. Thanks


"Hi @jaxlb ,

Does the power indicator light on the front of the TV turn off when the TV turns off or just that the screen goes black and there is no audio either?

If so it seems to be a power problem.

Disconnect the power from the TV and then remove the back cover and inspect the boards especially the power board for any signs of heat stress to the components or bad capacitors (leaky or bulging).

If you spot something or your not quite sure, post some close up images of the power board. Here’s how to do this. Adding images to an existing question"

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