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Panasonic TV powers on but nothing on screen

Panasonic TV powers on but nothing on screen

Model is TH-42PZ80B, it powers on, green light flashes for over 20 times and then stays solid green yet the screen does not turn on at all. Have taken the back off and cleaned fans and boards with cotton swab and light hoover power but made no difference. Looked over all boards and components but nothing stand out as burned out etc. Anyone have any ideas on process of elimination?


"Hi @wtbmrblonde,

Here’s an image of the No Picture troubleshooting flowchart, taken from the service manual for the TV.

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

To download the manual you have to sign up, but you can scroll through it by using the page numbers at the bottom of the document. It is time consuming doing it this way however.

There is also a LED timing chart which gives the possible reasons for the number of LED blinks but this is for when the LED is still red and not green and also only has possible fault causes for counts up to 13 and not 20.

Hopefully a start"

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