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Power but no sound on tv on my 55 inch

Power but no sound on tv on my 55 inch

I have a 55 inch led hdmi digital TV and the volume turns down by its self , and remote doesn't work when the TV does this . I tried to use the buttons on the tv, but that did not work . I also tired unplugging and holding the power button on tv . That seemed to work temporarily, but then it happened again . What can I do to fix it ? Please help. Thank you.


"From the information that you have given, my best guess is that the side panel buttons on your TV are malfunctioning. It sounds like @oldturkey03 had the same idea. If this is the cause of your issue, a temporary solution might be to simply disconnect that panel completely, and only use your remote to control power, volume, etc.

If you take the back off your TV and locate where the side panel buttons are, you should be able to see a wire connecting the panel to the button control board. Try disconnecting this wire.

Let me know if disconnecting the panel fixes the volume fluctuation issue. If it does, you may want to consider looking for a replacement. At that point I can try and help you find the part online!

Good Luck!"

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