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Power goes off to microwave

Power goes off to microwave

Power goes off to microwave. Bang on side with my hand where control panel is can usually get it to come back on. Sometimes will work fine for little while other times power goes right back off GE adora model. Dvm7195sf1ss Any ideas what could be the problem?


I’ve looked at this question about five times and really didn’t want to answer as I didn’t want the responsibility of you getting knocked on your can from the high amperage stored in this thing. You obviously have a bad electrical connection. Could be a loose wire or cold solder joint. Personally I would not risk trying to repair it.

I had the same exact problem. On the pcb it was a weak solder on one of the pins of the low voltage transformer. Took 5 minutes to re-solder it. Also, a dirty micro switch on door. Took another 30 minutes to take apart & clean. Now the microwave works great

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