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Problem with bass and voice audio

Problem with bass and voice audio

Just connected a brand new single Rokit 5 G4 speaker to our Sony Bravia KD-49XF8096 TV, via the headphone input on the TV using a jack to mini-jack cable. However, the bass doesn't seem to be working. Also voices are hard to hear. Any suggestions, please?


"Hi @reyaaz ,

Have you tried another audio source to prove that the speaker is setup OK, e.g. a mobile phone or MP3 player?

Don’t know your TV but what setting have you selected in Home > Settings > Sound > Headphone/Audio out?

In the manual - see p.11 Audio Out it states to select the “desired” item. If set to headphones the output will be low so as to not damage your ears. Try selecting Audio out and see if that is any better. Do not set the TV volume up too high, adjust using the speaker controls.

Also are you using a “stereo” jack to mini jack cable, (3 ring connectors on the plugs, not just 2 which is a “mono” cable and will give the problems you’re having, also a broken wire inthe cable will do the same - see below)?

Have you tried connecting the cable to another suitable powered speaker device e.g. aux input to a BT speaker, to see if it works OK?

If it also doesn’t work properly you may have to use an Ohmmeter to check that the cable is OK (all 3 wires-tip to tip, ring to ring and sleeve to sleeve)

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