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Pully is loose and the belt won't stay on.

Pully is loose and the belt won't stay on.

After replacing the belt on the rear of the machine, with a new one, it came off again. I took the back off again and watched the spin cycle. The pulley is wobbeling even though the nut is tight. When I removed the pulley there was only a small metal ring between the pully and the machine. Is there supose to be a washer or o ring in there? If so is there a part number so I can order one.


It appears as if there is nothing else that goes on there. You can check on the sears parts site and see what you find. My concern, after looking at the diagram is that since there is no bushing anywhere, either the drum (unlikely) or the pulley has a worn hole. take a look at the pulley itself and see if the diameter of the hole is consistent or if it looks like it is uneven. If uneven, it could cause your pulley to wobble and to lose the belt. Also, please make sure that your drive motor is properly mounted and alligned. If it is tilted it can also cause to much uneven tension and the belt may run off the pulley. Hope this is helping you to get started. Good Luck.

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