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Replaced Hard Drive with Compact Flash, Unable to Restore

Replaced Hard Drive with Compact Flash, Unable to Restore
I’ve wanted to upgrade and restore my Classic iPod 4th Generation for sentimental reasons. I’ve replaced the battery and the motherboard, the final goal was to replace the old 60GB mechanical drive with something less fragile and more power efficient. I’m stuck though, because the Compact Flash card (no matter how I prepare it), can’t be written to once installed in the iPod. I format the Compact Flash card on a Mac as MacOS Extended Journaled, it shows in finder as 64 GB. But if I insert that disk in the iPod and mount the iPod to the same Mac in Disk Mode, it shows as 187.6 GB, with an unformatted partition scheme. If I try and erase the disk in Disk Mode, Finder gives me a generic input/output error.



Sorry to tell you but some flash adapters are just like that

There is this guy on YouTube called dankpods who does this sort of things and he will tell you the same thing

There is a company called iflash that makes the adapters and the are really good when it comes to restores and things like that

But one more thing before you buy anything what I would try is download the software called superduper

Put take all data from the old iPods hdd and copy it straight to the compact flash adapter

And cross you fingers and hope that it works

If you have any more questions please ask


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