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Cloning 250 GB hard drive to 512 SSD with bootcamp partition

Cloning 250 GB hard drive to 512 SSD with bootcamp partition


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I would like to suggest you to use Stellar Drive Clone to keep backup up of your Mac drive. This tool is very reliable and useful to create clone of Mac volume. I am using for my Mac and it works superb.
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"sapiojo .... There is a discussion here:

How do I transfer dual partitions to a new hard drive?

I know CarbonCopyCloner to be excellent (on the Mac side) but don't know anything about bootcamp/Windows.... You can download a trial of CCC (which might be all you need) ... and versions UP TO about Jan 2013 were 'donation-ware' (with very UN-obtrusive adverts) you might still be able to get an old copy somewhere. New versions are 'trial-ware' (licence around 25 UK pounds/30 euros/40 dollars)."
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"From what I found there is not a single solution for doing this. It’s either all Windows or all OSx clone. Ithink the drive has to be pre-partitioned then clone a bootable version of OSx. After that run Bootcamp as if it’s a new install then clone your previous Bootcamp to the location.

I’m working through this now."
bert [Entry]

I forgot to answer here instead i answered on comments section any way try this method and it works 100% https://youtu.be/PauuA7ZRQwY