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upgrading hard drive from 30 GB to 80 GB

upgrading hard drive from 30 GB to 80 GB

Can i, upgrated hard drive from mod iPod 5th 30 GB to 80 GB

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bert [Entry]

"Take a look at the top of your logic board by carefully undoing the display cable from the logic board Link text. You do not have to remove the entire display or remove the front panel to see the model number under the cable.

If it says, ""820-1763-A"", this means that this logic board is the first generation iPod video... and meant only for the 30/60GB hard drive models, and it will not support an 80GB.

If it says, ""820-1975-A"", this means that this logic board is the second generation iPod video (5.5)... and can work with the 30, 60 and 80GB iPod video hard drive (maybe even high size hard drives, but I have never tried this theory). Besides it being able to use an 80GB hard drive, it has the Search feature/option on this board.

I do not know why iFixit doesn't state this fact. But I made the discovery after repairing many iPod videos and had the same problem."
bert [Entry]

"(I am making this a new answer rather than a comment, because I am adding information relevant to the question.)

In addition to the logic board situation, you would need the following parts to upgrade to a thicker hard drive such as the 80 GB:

60/80 gb rear panel (thicker to accommodate a thicker drive)60/80 gb headphone jack (it's about 1/4"" longer to reach around the thick hard drive)60/80 gb battery (longer to reach around HD)60/80 gb rubber bumpers (taller to protect logic board in thicker casing)

(good addition to the discussion, Majesty!!! It's important to bring up the other components that need to be changed.)

Rsharich/bac: as for the logic board situation, this is the first time I have found clear, quantifiable information about the significance of the logic board. While I was aware of the difference in model numbers and search function, I have had zero trouble using the boards interchangeably between 30 and 60 GB models. The 80 GB issue, however, is quite compelling!

Here's the good news: iFixit sells only 820-1975-A boards (which work in both revisions), so there isn't a compatibility issue with our parts.

Here's the bad news: we only have 820-1975-A boards, so I can't verify the information about the 820-1763-A boards!!! I will certainly do so as soon as I have access to said board.

Regardless, this is EXACTLY why we have the Answers forum!!! We cannot possibly know everything about all these machines, and drawing upon the expertise of others is so valuable for us and for customers. Thanks for the insight (+1 each is the least I can do!)"
bert [Entry]

"further to rsharich's very informative answer regarding the logic board version, a little diversion...

It seems you can also verify the logic board version without opening the device, by entering the special diagnostic mode that exists on these 5th gen iPod (and other iPods). here's how:

1) reset the iPod 5th by pressing and holding the Menu and Select(center) buttons for a few seconds

2) when the Apple logo appears, press and hold the Select(center) and Previous(left) buttons. This should cause the iPod to beep and display a white screen with the heading ""SRV Diag Boot""

3) now press Menu to enter Manual Test mode. you'll then see a menu of available tests

4) use the scroll wheel, or press the Next(right) button to navigate to the ""SysCfg"" entry in the menu

5) press the Select(center) button to select the SysCfg entry. you'll see several lines displayed on the screen, the 3rd line down is the logic board version

for example, I know my 5th Gen iPod is an original vintage one with 30GB hard drive. the 3rd line in the SysCfg page for my iPod says ""8201763A"" == 820-1763A logic board version"
bert [Entry]

"A couple of significant facts have been over looked. The motherboards come in two flavors each.

The 820-1763-A motherboard can have 32MB RAM *OR* 64MB RAM. The 30GB 5G iPod uses the 1763 board with 32MB RAM.

The 60B 5G iPOd uses the 1763 motherboard with 64MB RAM.

The 5.5G iPods use the 820-1975-A motherboards. Again there are versions with 32MB RAM and 64MB RAM. The 30GB 5.5G iPod uses the 1975 board with 32MB RAM. The 80GB iPod uses the 1975 board with 64MB RAM.

You should have the 64MB version motherboard if your hard drive is 60GB or larger! my 240 GB 5G iPod uses the 1763 motherboard with 64MB RAM."
bert [Entry]

"Your hard drive is 5mm tall and the 80GB is 8mm tall, I believe it wont fit unless u get the back panel from an 80GB model. Here's the link for the 80GB back panel: http://www.ifixit.com/iPod-Parts/iPod-Vi...

Here's the link for the 80GB hard drive: iPod Video 80 GB Hard Drive

Ifixit states that your model is a slim model, therefore some components may not fit. Read this: http://www.ifixit.com/iPod-Parts/iPod-Vi..."
bert [Entry]

I'm using a iPod Video G5 30GB and i've upgraded to an 80GB hard disk with no problem on1763A motherboard, it fit nicely on the 30GB back plate without any problem.