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upgrading hard drive from 30 GB to 80 GB

upgrading hard drive from 30 GB to 80 GB

Can i, upgrated hard drive from mod iPod 5th 30 GB to 80 GB


further to rsharich's very informative answer regarding the logic board version, a little diversion...

A couple of significant facts have been over looked. The motherboards come in two flavors each.

Your hard drive is 5mm tall and the 80GB is 8mm tall, I believe it wont fit unless u get the back panel from an 80GB model. Here's the link for the 80GB back panel: ifixit/iPod-Parts/iPod-Vi...

I'm using a iPod Video G5 30GB and i've upgraded to an 80GB hard disk with no problem on1763A motherboard, it fit nicely on the 30GB back plate without any problem.

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