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Ring pro was working. then after about 11 months died completely.

Ring pro was working. then after about 11 months died completely.
Thought it was the transformer. but after checking 16 vac was present.


"If it is under 1 year exchange it with Ring.


How to obtain service / replacement

To obtain the benefit of the above limited warranty or purchase protection, please contact Ring community support at: help@ring

+ 1(800) 656-1918 (US)

+ 1(310) 929-7085 (International)"
The problem is very simply the internal battery. If you find a 3.7v 200mah to 300mah battery, you can transplant the battery protection circuit from the old cell to the new one and replace.
I just bought a Ring Pro today and was searching for help with a set up problem I was having. I noticed many Ring Pro users with the same problem you had. After digging-in a little, it became apparent that complete failure is normal for the Ring Pro at about the one year point and probably unavoidable. The culprit seems to be a tiny non-replaceable lithium system battery inside the Ring Pro. Once this battery dies, the Ring Pro shuts down completely, never to start again. Lithium batteries don’t tolerate temperature extremes well, so it seems like a bad choice on the part of Ring designers. You can read a lot more on this issue at Reddit.

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