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Screen wont turn on, no power light, installed brand new power board

Screen wont turn on, no power light, installed brand new power board

I was digging around in a dump and found a nice vizio d55u-d1 tv, and figured a simple power board swap would fix it ( it didnt look good). Installed it today and still the same issues. No white power light, nothing backlighting the screen…nothing. Could it be my main board? want to be sure before dropping another 40 on a board.


"@goochberries420 … i had this exact same set with the exact same problem.

the white signal for standby/power on is on the lower right of the front screen. it will light up and fade out. when powered up. this is normal operation. you can change this later in the settings to remain on if you wish.

if this doesnt occur, i would check the voltages at the power supply board leading to the main board. there you will have a legend that shows descriptions and voltages. you should have a steady 5 volts stby to indicate power is making its way to the board. if not, check the fuse and the adapter that plugs into the wall.

if you have 5v steady at stby. after hitting the on button, the set should turn on the 12v lines. check this. if any of your voltages are off than whats listed on the power supply, you could have a bad replacement.

the main board was the issue in my case. the on/off signal was .19v . it needs to be 3.3v. look for on/off and check to see what reading you get.

if it is proper voltage, shine a flashlight at the screen about an inch or so at an angle in a dark room. look for any signs of a picture. press the menu button if you have to.

post back with the results of these tests for any further assisatnce."

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