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Smok mag 225 reads coil but says no atomizer when I hit the trigger

Smok mag 225 reads coil but says no atomizer when I hit the trigger
I recently dropped my smok mag 225 and busted the glass on the tank... After replacing the glass i screwed the tank back on and it asked me new coil or old coil... I selected old coil and the ohms read 41...but when i pulled the trigger to hit it the screen said atomizer short... I put a new coil in and same thing... It reads the ohms of the coil but now says no atomizer... What is the problem? Thanx for reading....


I also have the smok mag and it has been Doing the same thing the glass broke so i changed the glass and atomizer next thing I know it won't work I pout the tank on my other mod and it worked fine so i toke the top off the mag and saw that they poorly saudered one of the wires I toke it the rest of the way apart and saudered it my self and it works like a champ also becarefull pouting the clip back in or playing with it to much because it wares down really fast and won't stay closed for long
This just happened to me, so I took the top part off and the cord that connects the batteries to the atomizer was snapped in half (looks like it was put together wrong) maybe that is your problem.
So how do we get the mag body to split? I cannot get the battery release screw to move either direction.
My boyfriend's mod stopped working (the screen) and now when we turn it on you can't see anything on the screen does anyone know where I can take it in to get the screen fixed (in Texas) or what I can do to fix it
I had to find a dead one online and hope the screen worked… luckily it did and I was able to replace it

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