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Spin in agitate mode

Spin in agitate mode

In the normal cycle, with a full tub of water , while agitating the washer will begin to spin, causing water to leak up over the tub on to the floor.


"First, the washer must drain all the water out before it begins the spin cycle or it will centrifuge water over the tub cover or out the overflow tube. If water is leaking on the left hand side of the washer most likely it’s coming out the over flow tube

I recommend opening the lid and to watch what is happening during the start of the drain and spin cycles. The washer will not operate with the lid open but, if you have a magnet to place in the vicinity of where the lid magnet would be positioned when the lid is shut you can operate the washer with the lid open.Sometimes it is located under the right front corner of the lid. Open the lid and place a magnet on the right front corner of the top near the tub opening. You will be able to operate the washer and see where the water is leaking from. 

NOTE: Use caution when running the washer with the lid open. DO NOT PUT YOUR HANDS INSIDE THE TUB

Most likely you will find that the water is draining too slowly and water is left in the tub when it begins spinning. Check for a restriction in the tub hose, pump and drain hose. The front cabinet panel is removable by removing the screws along the bottom of the panel and tilt the bottom outwards and then down and off.

thanks to Joey B


How to Fix a Washer That Will Not Drain Its Water Before Going Into Spin Cycle

Try the instruction on this guide:


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