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Stopped heating food and may need a new transformer

Stopped heating food and may need a new transformer

Our GE Profile JVM1870SF02 OTR Microwave Oven stopped heating food. The GE Repair Technician said he would need to replace the transformer but didn't have one with him and the repairs would cost as much as a brand new Microwave. Can I order the part myself? Can I safely replace the transformer?


Randy Dossey, without sounding pompous, do you have any repair experiences with electronics? The consensus for most of us on iFixit is to replace the whole unit. Some things are just to dangerous to fix without the proper knowledge or tools. So much for the "Can I safely replace the transformer?" As for the transformer, you are looking at part number WB27X10605 available for around $130.

For replacement of microwave transformer how to identify new one . my oven lg transformer is notthing printed on it . does i can use just look like transformer ?

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