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The left hinge broke on my studio wireless beats

The left hinge broke on my studio wireless beats
can the hinge be replaced and where can the hinge be bought


"Hi Dennis,

You should be able to do this, though it may take some time to be able to do properly. I just performed a disassembly and, though my headset had to be put down for science, I now have an available headband unit if you are interested for purchase. Feel free to contact me to negotiate price if you are interested.

I will be posting something of a teardown in a few days, in case you want a preview of what will be required."
I also have the same problem have the parts but dont know how to change them over. Any advice?? Tia
I have the Studio 2.0 wireless. The lights on the charge port side have gone out... I wore them while running (like I always do) but the lights went out. So I took them apart to let dry. Now I don't know how to put them together again (like humpty dumpty)... I have searched the web. The deep groove in the band is blocking me. Lol
Fixing it is kind of a pain in the ass. I was able to get the hinges off from eBay.
just buy the service on ebay better then risking breaking the plastic of your beats

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