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Thermal fuse / vent ducting

Thermal fuse / vent ducting

I have the Maytag MEDEX655DW1, 2 years old.  Dryer quit running and I found the thermal fuse was blown; replaced it, hit start and it ran. I immediately stopped the unit and hook back the vent duct and started to dry a load.  When I came back to check the top of the unit was scorching hot so I turned the unit off. I unplugged and unhooked the unit from the vent duct and cleaned / vacuumed all lent throughout.  I then ran the unit unhooked from the vent for about 30 minutes on high heat measuring the temperature from the center of the exhaust. The temp built to 142 degrees and I was satisfied so I hooked vent duct back up and I ran a load on air fluff.  The temperature had heat in it.


Hi guys. Does anyone know how to fix the ventilation system?

Hey, bro. I recently did repairs in the house, but I did not check the ventilation. I was sure that she was all right since we had only recently bought the house. But during the repair work, it became clear that the air circulation was working poorly. As a result, dust and the smell of building materials did not get out of the house for a very long time. The situation only got better if we opened the windows and doors wide open. So I called the service https://epicductcleaning.com.au/ responsible for cleaning and duct repair and asked them to check our ventilation. It's good that we noticed this during the repair.

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