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transfer music from one iPod to another iPod

transfer music from one iPod to another iPod
how do you save songs from one ipod to the computer and add that music to another ipod? please help me!!!!


I recommend you this article how to transfer music from ipod to ipod
Syncios Data Transfer can be more easier, you just need to click start copy then everything is done.
We know that iTunes can help users sync media files like songs, movies or photos from computer to the iDevice within few clicks. So if you can export the music from your old iPod touch/nano/shuffle to the computer in high quality, then you can easily load these songs to the new iPod device with iTunes easily. Obviously, you can't reach it without any help, so here you need to turn to iPod Transfer or iPod Transfer for Mac. With it, you can export the whole music folder (including the files purchased from iTunes store or downloaded from other sources) from iPod to PC without losing.

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