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turns on when door is open

turns on when door is open

working fine one minute, then after I'd removed food, it turned ON when I opened the door. Will not work with the door closed. Unplugged, pressed "stop", "clear", tried everything. But continues to work backward. (On when open, OFF when closed). It's less than 2 years old!


This thing is very dangerous, especially if you have any children in the house. This sounds like a control board issue but the risks involved in repairing it are not worth it. These things are cheap, trash it before it harms someone and get a new one.

"This fault is cheap repaire if you try

Check relay on the control board, mostly the contacts on the relay are carbonised and get attached together so when the oven shakes like you open the door the contact is present in the relay and the microwave starts.

Its best you replace the relay.

Next you need to check the three door latch switches open one by one and service them.

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