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TV Screen Broken? after Main Board Replacement

TV Screen Broken? after Main Board Replacement

I have a Vizio P65-C1. I've had problems of HDMI ports being blown out - some kind of electrical problem in my apartment. This has happened several times (not really the issue right now). After the first time, Vizio replaced the main board and worked fine for several months before blowing out again. I was just using the one HDMI port getting by with a HDMI splitter.


@dbett4 hat does not look like a typical panel error. Why would you have tried to update (firmware I guess) Where did you get the replacement board from? Post some good images of all of your boards with your question. that way we can see what you see. Use this guide for that Adding images to an existing question

Look very carefully at all the connections/ribbon cables at both ends of where they plug in. If you're not finding anything there, I'd lean towards the replacement board being fauty

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