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What does constantly blinking red power light mean?

What does constantly blinking red power light mean?

While watching tv the screen went blank and the red power light is blinking. One blink every few seconds. I unplugged it held down the power button to reset it plugged it back in and when I press the power button the power light comes on for a few seconds but nothing else happens then the power cuts off and the power light returns to blinking once every few seconds. I even removed the back casing to clean and dust inside but it wasn’t dusty and I didn’t see any fans to clean. I looked for burnt capacitors etc but to my untrained eye everything looks ok. What else could be the problem? Do I need to hire a technician or is there something I can do to fix it?


This could be a power board or main board issue. First you need to ket us know the exact model number for your TV. After that measure the standby voltage and let us know what values you get.

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