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When I hit start Button, the dryer just beeps

When I hit start Button, the dryer just beeps

When I push the start button, the dryer just beeps. There's no error code




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"Kenmore HE4 Elite Dryer - Would not turn on. The lights on the controls worked. When I tried to start it beeped three times rapidly. but did nothing. I tried to search the forums for answer everyone was saying its the thermal fuse. I tested the thermal fuse and all the fuses it wasent the answer. So it was either the door switch or control board… NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!..

Solution: The door switch was not ‘clicking’, it would push in and go out but no click. I pushed the length of the switch from side to side (without removing the switch) …wiggle it more like and pushed again… Click! pushed it a few more times to make sure.. Still clicking. Reassembled the dryer and works fine. I assume there’s a track assembly inside the switch and when its off the rails it wont click over.. When I pushed on it I inadvertently put it back on track.

Cost to fix : $ 0.00

Total Research/Diagnose/ disassembly and reassembly time : 1hr 45min. (for me)

Total repair time : Instant / Accidental

Typical Issues from cheapest to most expensive DIY Costs (Coincidentally these are ranked most to least common culprits as well.)

#1 Thermal Fuse ($8 )

#2 Door Switch ($20)

#3 Control Board ($240 ish)"

I had the same problem but found we were pressing the buttons too hard, just a light press was required to get the dryer to start.

I have the same problem. My Maytag Bravo's XL is only two months old. It works great but sometimes it will beep twice when I press the start button. I press it again and sometimes it beeps again or it will start. The door is closed tight. Not sure what is going on with it.

Thank guys. I just slammed the door a few times hard and now my dryer is working. Ron. 20 September 2020

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