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Where can I get a new Toggle Switch? Micro90pv.

Where can I get a new Toggle Switch? Micro90pv.

The full long Story about the problem.


Hi Nicholas, really not my area of experise but I would start looking at places like Mouser.com http://www.mouser.com/Search/Refine.aspx... or Digi-Key http://search.digikey.com/scripts/DkSear... I know it would be quicker and nicer to have the schematic but some companies are just very secretive :) anyway, give it a try and let us know. Good luck

"One of these should do the trick:


Take a look at series datasheet in the part description to understand the differences between them.



The switches linked by aholtzma look good; you probably want an on-off-on switch for your power swtich, and an on-on switch for your polarity switch.

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