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Where is the fuse located and how do you replace it?

Where is the fuse located and how do you replace it?

My GE profile microwave stopped dead during operation. I have checked the plug and I have power at the outlet.


"It depends on the type of machine. -- If you have a counter top model you need to remove the screws that secure the top and sides. Normally there are 2 screws on each side and 7 to 8 screws along the back edge. Once you remove the cover, on the side, behind the control panel, near the top, you will find the fuse block. -- If you have a model that hangs above the stove you need to remove the grill that runs along the top. There are 2 screws approx. 1/3 the way in from each edge. Remove the grill, then look for 1 screw above the control panel. The control panel top will then tilt out. you should be able to see the fuse block.

Make sure that you have more than 1 fuse(at least 2 or 3). This is important because usually there is a fault which causes the fuse to blow. My first fix had a cockroach on the capacitor. Easy fix, but I did not see the problem until after I blew the replacement fuse."

"Generally, I find that you have to take off the side panels to get to the circuits where the fuse is, if there is a fuse. The circuit panel should be right where the plug goes into the microwave.

I apologize for any misspellings and whatnot. I'm on my iPod touch"

I found out that it's not always the fuse that is the problem. I have a GE above counter microwave that the lighting and pad worked but the heating unit wouldn't come on. Well the first thing I did was to remove the fuse which shut everything off. so I put it back in. Then all of a sudden the fan started up. In a nut shell, I'm convince that the problem was in my door sensor. I wiggled the door and now my microwave works. So before you think that your microwave isn't worth fixing, try this trick, you just may save yourself some money!

I cant find the fuse for ME21H706MQG

Model JVM1360EF1ES MODEL over the stove. The glass fuse is in the top. The thermal fuse in the bottom

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