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Whirlpool Ixelium door sensor works in one plug outlet but not another

Whirlpool Ixelium door sensor works in one plug outlet but not another

Used the grill function for the first time recently. As I was grilling cheese, I used foil without thinking and the close proximity of the grill accessory to the roof of the unit meant most of the heat was reflected back up. Cue tripping of the house’s main CB.


"You didn’t mention any voltage readings. Have you checked the voltage and polarity at the wall reseptical with a multimeter? There is no way to determine the problem without knowing what voltage is at the way. Polarity is just as important as voltage. There is no way to diagnose a component by simply looking at it. You MUST know what the voltage readings are. Messing around with electrical outlets without knowing where and what the voltage is will get you killed. Plus, it’s a waste of time.

A microwave has a low voltage circuit and a high voltage circuit. In the high voltage circuit there is a deadly capacitor. It holds up to 6,000 volts of electricity, even when the microwave has been unplugged for weeks. Touch it and 6,000 volts will travel through your body, including your brain, heart, blood , lungs, etc… and send you to an early grave. This has killed more technicians than any other appliance.

There are many safety fuses and thermistors in a m/w and they can only be tested with a multimeter. The three interlocking switches can only be tested with a mulitmeter set for ohms. The high voltage circuit can NOT be safely tested with a meter

Your home wiring can NOT be repaired without a multimeter. There are some DIY projects that must NOT be done by the homeowner. Unless you are a licensed electrician or certified to repair microwaves I would strongly recommend not to attemp to do these repairs yourself."

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