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Why can I only hear sound in one ear?

Why can I only hear sound in one ear?
I am able to hear the sound in my left ear when i use the headphones.


"I have the same issue here.

I found that is the black cable who goes inside the headphone and connect the right speaker.

It's a bad contact or something like this, I'm checking how to fix it."
Your right speaker is probably blown. Please refer to the repair guides for this device for information on how to repair it. Following them step by step will make for an easy repair.
for mine it works on my pc fine but when i hook it into an xbox one controller one side doesnt get enough juice so it doesnt work might need an ac adapter for the controller not sure if it helps anyone but hopefully it helps
I need photo’s of where the wires go on the left side speaker - some came loose but no idea where they go to be able to re attach them.

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